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Marvtek, digital marketing company that, through the most advanced technology offers a unique and innovative experience to its users. We pride ourselves on being the first introducing the TvT (Tv-Taxi), device designed specifically to increase the presence of your brand in an attractive, modern, innovative, environmentally conscious and user engaging

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles spread over cities as important as Warsaw, Krakow or Lublin we ensure the highest visibility, in the most effective way. Why do we say the "most effective"?

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Our product, designed to guarantee the best exposure of Your brand, allows You to show to different audiences, thanks to the great mobility provided by the vehicles circulating through the streets of Poland. In order to offer the best service, both for our customers and for our passengers, we offer TvT, a combination of the most innovative and "user-friendly" software, also evaluated by various marketing experts, together with attractive and easy-to-use hardware. use for the passenger.

Even so, at Marvtek we understand that, in addition to the above, a good and solid management platform is necessary and that is why we have a service management system that allows us to manage your campaign in the fastest and most efficient way. Also, this platform allows you to extract statistics and information on the progress and development of your campaign - times and times when your spot / banner was displayed, interactions that the user had with the device, user feedback, among others.

If you keep reading you will find some more features about our product:


Intuitive design
Passenger feedback


Effective 10-inch screen
Durable materials
Easy to use
Anti-theft installation
Adjustable volume
Support for patented TvT specifically designed to be compatible with all vehicle brands in the current market


What do we offer?

We offer a wide variety of packages based on the impact and characteristics that you want your campaign to have.

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What kind of packages do you offer?

We offer different packages according to the number of impressions of your spot/banner, from 10,000 to
500,000. Price based on CPM (cost per mille).
In addition, you will have interesting options for your campaign such as, geolocation or a VIP space
in the TvT menu that, when pressed, will show your ad in full screen immediately.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

What is Geo-Location?

This technology allows you to customize your campaign by selecting a specific location. As soon as the vehicle enters a radius
of action of approximately 100m, its spot/banner will be displayed, apart from course, from the usual reproductions.

Marvtek | Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

How can costumers verify the amount of impressions
per ad/banner?

Thanks to our management platform we can offer you various reports on the progress of your campaign. In these, you will
find the number of real impressions of your spot/banner, when and where it was/were visualized, progress graphs
during a period of time and user feedback

The only digital marketing platform offering TvT in Poland


Frequently Asked Questions

Marvtek Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

We have several packages based on the number of impressions of your ad. You can add different features to your package such as Geo-Location and VIP Service.
This feature allows you to customize your product’s exposure based on location. Your ad will play automatically in the exact area of your choice.
We provide a content management account which lets clients monitor their ad’s performance, including number of impressions and interactions, in real time.

Please contact us for further information

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Interested? Congratulations, you are one step ahead to increase the presence of your brand in a market that, being increasingly competitive, always seeks to renew itself and find new and effective ways to advertise.

We invite you to contact us if you still have any questions or if you want more information. Our team will be pleased to assist you.

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